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Mater Misericordiae University Hospital Enhances Decontamination Monitoring with Terragene Technologies


Over the past 18 months, the Mater Hospital’s Sterile Service Department, recognised as one of the leading reprocessing units in the country, has undergone a significant transformation. Terragene’s advanced technology systems have been instrumental in digitising and enhancing routine cleaning efficacy and sterilisation monitoring.

Previous Challenges

The department previously faced challenges related to labour-intensive processes and manual record-keeping, impacting efficiency and accuracy. Seeking a solution, Mr. Trevor Duffy, Decontamination Lead & CSSD Manager, collaborated with Trinity Medical to integrate Terragene’s Trazanto AI Analyser and MiniPro Hygiene Monitoring system.

Solution – Implementation of Terragene’s Trazanto and Pro1 Micro with MiniPro auto reader for high sensitivity quantification of residual proteins.

Trazanto –  Terragene’s Automatic system for quality control and traceability of cleaning efficacy and sterilisation tests, was used by the Mater Hospital for evaluating the results of SPLAT cleaning efficacy indicators and Bowie Dick tests packs.  Incredibly simple to use, this AI-based software ensured automatic interpretation of test results, minimising the risk of human errors.  Test results are seamlessly saved to Terragene’s Bionova Cloud solution, capturing all vital details such as Test Result, Operator, Machine Details, Cycle Profile, and even an image of the relevant substrate.

Operating in parallel with Trazanto, the Pro1 Micro and MiniPro auto reader for testing residual surface proteins, served as a high-sensitivity hygiene monitoring system, specialising in quantifying proteins.  Positioned as a leading solution in the market, MiniPro & Pro1 ensured the Mater Hospital stayed ahead of compliance standards.

Anticipating evolving national standards, Mr. Duffy noted the importance of quantitative technologies for residual protein testing, already referenced in the HSE’s National Standards for routine testing requirements within Endoscopy departments. MiniPro, like Trazanto, seamlessly interfaced with Bionova Cloud to record and centralise all test results.  Within a matter of days, Bionova Cloud provided vitial information such as trend analysis and test reports.


With the full integration of Trazanto and MiniPro into the department, routine testing, once a significant workload with extensive paperwork, became streamlined and efficient. Mr. Duffy highlighted the accessibility of a comprehensive suite of digitised records on Bionova Cloud, providing insightful and detailed reports with just a few clicks.


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Labour-intensive processes replaced with automated systems.
  • Error Reduction: AI-based solutions reduced the risk of human errors in test result interpretation.
  • Compliance Assurance: MiniPro positioned Mater Hospital ahead of evolving national standards.
  • Centralised Records: Bionova Cloud provided a centralised platform for digitised records, promoting accessibility and ease of reporting.

Local Support

Trevor Duffy commended on the benefits with the system fully integrated with the hospitals IT systems and the local support provided by Trinity Medical, ensuring a smooth transition, ongoing staff training, and prompt product support.


The Mater Hospital Dublin’s Sterile Service Department’s partnership with Terragene, facilitated by Trinity Medical, showcases the successful integration of Trazanto and MiniPro. This brief case study highlights how advanced technology systems can improve and streamline routine testing processes for decontamination equipment, ultimately enhancing overall operational efficiency and compliance.

For  more information on Terragene’s solutions, please contact Trinity Medical at [email protected].

You can also download a copy of Terragene’s product brochure here: PRODUCTS FOCUSED ON HEALTH CARE

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