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Enhancing Patient Care through cutting-edge Monitoring & Diagnostic Solutions

Partnering with world-class manufacturers in patient monitoring systems, our portfolio delivers the latest innovations to acute healthcare professionals, ensuring optimal solutions for improved patient outcomes.

Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics

Reusable & Disposable ECG sets | Radiolucent & Radiotransparent Defib Pads | ECG Trunk Cables | Gels | Grounding Pads | Chart Recording Paper

ClaraVue – Disposable ECG Electordes

Foetal Monitoring – Abdominal Transducer Belts

Fetal Monitoring Chart Papers

Cardiology Chart Papers

Eclipse Latex Free Probe Covers

Parker Aquasonic Clear Ultrasound Gel

Parker Aquasonic 100 Ultrasound Gel

Ultrasound Films by Nissha Medical

Mitsubishi Ultrasound Films

Sony Ultrasound Films

Bio-Active Cables and Leadwires

SWAROPLATE Non-Split Grounding Pads (Neutral Electrodes / Diathermy Pads)

SWAROPLATE Split Grounding Pads (Diathermy Pads / Neutral Electrodes)

SWAROPLATE Grounding Pads (Diathermy Pads / Neutral Electrodes) with preattached cables

Multi-function Defib Pads

LeadLocking Electrodes by Vermed

Simply Snap Offset Electrodes

VersaTrode Snap’n Tab Electrodes

Formalin Dispense Station