Tyvek Reels

ARROWPACK Plasma, see-through fibre-free sterilisation packaging reels, are  made from the best adapted medical grade materials.
Arrowpack reels are produced under cleanroom conditions.

Tyvek Catalog


Arrowpack Plasma is designed for use in low temperature sterilisers, such as hydrogen peroxide ETO.

When printing the indicators, Arrowpack uses a special non toxic heavy metal free ink.
The indicators are printed in between sealing lines in order to avoid any decrease of sealing strength and to prevent migration or contact with the sterile medical devices.  During the sterilisation process, the indicators change colour from red to blue.

In order to reduce the risk of storage and transport, Arrowpack reels are packed in strong plastic PE covers and high quality protective boxes. Instructions for use are printed symbolically according to standard EN 980.

All Arrowpack sterilization reels are produced according to standard ISO EN11607-1&2 and EN868-5

Order info:

Cat. Nr. Quty/box
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 60mm×70m 55060 12
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 75mm×70m 55075 10
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 100mm×70m 55100 8
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 150mm×70m 55150 6
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 200mm×70m 55200 4
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 250mm×70m 55250 4
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 300mm×70m 55300 2
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 350mm×70m 55350 2
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 400mm×70m 55400 2
ARROWPACK PLASMA Reel 500mm×70m 55500 2