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Bio-Active Cables and Leadwires

Bio-active cables can help reduce bacterial contamination – Vermed IP Cables & Leadwires consist of a metalloacid material, molybdenum trioxide, which has been demonstrated to have an antimicrobial effect.

Vermed, a Graphic Controls company, has been a recognised leader in the medical industry, providing recording products for over 60 years. There are a lot of variations when it comes to patient cabling, and we strive to simplify your purchasing needs by offering almost any cable you may use in your facility.

We offer a direct connection to OEM equipment, offering most styles across many patient monitors. There is 100% inspection on our products to deliver you the best quality product at an attractive price.

If you don’t see the product you are looking for, give us a call today. We have thousands of products available and can customise to meet your needs.

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Most Popular Cables and Leadwires

Item # Description To Patient To Monitor
GE Cables and Leadwires
32022286 GE MultiLink ECG Cable
10 Lead Detachable EKG Cable
11 Pin Connector
Cross Ref: CB-5110006
GE Multilink GE Multilink
32022370 5 Lead GE MultiLink to Snap
29 inch
Cross Ref: LW-2400029/5A
GE Mulitlink snap GE Multilink Snap
32022643 5 Lead GE MultiLink to Pinch
29 inch
Cross Ref: LW-3400029/5A
GE Mulitlink Pinch GE Multilink Pinch
Philips Cables and Leadwires
32022341 Philips 3 Lead Universal Cable
Cross Ref: 
Philips Universal Philips Universal
32022424 3 Lead Philips Intellivue – CMP to Snap
29 inch
Cross Ref: LW-2090S29/3A
Philips Intellivue 3 Lead Philips Intellivue 3 Lead
32022629 5 Lead Philips – Telemetry to Pinch
51 inch
Cross Ref: LW-3300051/5AT
Philips Intelivue 3 Lead
Spacelabs Cables and Leadwires
32022302 5 Lead Twin Pin Spacelabs Cable – 17 Pin
Cross Ref: CB-61596R
Spacelabs Twin Pin Spacelabs
32022482 5 Lead Spacelabs Tru-Link – 90496 to Snap
24 inch
Cross Ref: LW-2500024/5A
Spacelabs Trulink Spacelabs Trulink
32022673 5 Lead Spacelabs Tru-Link – 90496 to Pinch
24 inch
Cross Ref: LW-3500024/5A
Spacelabs Trulink

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