Bite-Block with Oxygen Delivery – BO2™

The NEW Batrik BO2™ Bite-Block significantly enhances patient safety by providing supplemental oxygenation during gastrointestinal endoscopy preventing hypoxia in sedated patients, while ensuring superior patient comfort.

  • Avoids the risk of hypoxia. Although sedation helps in reducing patient anxiety, it is known to be accompanied by lowered oxygen saturation levels, increasing the risk of hypoxia. The BO2™ Bite Block provides a convenient means of delivering supplemental oxygen through integrated nasal prongs in addition to delivery through the mouth
  • Saves time and money by obviating the need for separate nasal prongs and oxygen masks
  • Latex free, lead free and DEHP free
  • No sharp edges results in greater patient comfort and safety
  • Optional strap available to ensure a secure fit
  • Available in single use and reusable options. The reusable bite-block comes pre-packaged with a set of nasal channel cleaning brushes, an industry leading feature

Product Selection

BO2 Single Use 18mm/54FR – Includes Strap Box / 100
BO2-N Single Use 18mm/54FR – Without Strap Box / 100
BO2-R-B Reusable 18mm/54FR – Includes Strap + Cleaning Brushes Box / 25
BO2-R-BN Reusable 18mm/54FR – Without Strap + Cleaning Brushes Box / 25
BO2-RN Reusable 18mm/54FR – Without Strap Box / 25
BO2-R Reusable 18mm/54FR – Includes Strap Box / 25
BO2-B Cleaning Brushes for BO2s 25