Chemical Incident Response Kit for Peracetic Acid

Trinity Medical’s Chemical Incident Response Kit includes all necessary paraphernalia to deal safely and effectively with a SMALL chemical spill of <5 litres.  Both the Protective and Absorbent items are resistant to, and compatible with, hazardous oxidising agents such as Peracetic Acid and Chlorine Dioxide.  

  • Instructions for use provided within the kit serve as GUIDELINES, but local policy and procedures should also be referred to.
  • The Kit is made up of several items, but individual parts are available to purchase as replacement items.

A complete Kit includes:

  • Chemical resistant goggles.
  • Disposable half mask respirator, for acid vapours.
  • Barrier tape.
  • Chemical resistant gauntlets.
  • Chemical Absorbent pads (5 x individual pads).
  • No entry signs (x2).
  • Chemical resistant suit.
  • Chemical absorbent booms (x2 individual booms).
  • Chemical resistant overshoes.
  • Hazardous waste bags (x 5 including cable ties).
  • Mop frame and telescopic mop handle.
  • Spill Kit User Instructions.

Brochure – Chemical Incident Spill Kit