CISA P-84 Under-Counter Washer Disinfector

The Cisa under-counter washer is a compact machine with an “underbench” type installation that allows the washing and thermodisinfection of reusable medical devices.

It is available in two versions, P-84S and P-84L, respectively without and with the drying module. The drying module, positioned on the right side of the machine, has a removable compartment that guarantees the storage of three 5-litre canisters of detergent.

The machine features 4 thermal disinfection cycles (short instruments, instruments, anesthesia, clogs). The alphanumeric LED display has colours that change according to the specific phase in the washing cycle, so that the machine status is visible and intuitive even from a distance.

The maximum load capacity of the P-84 series is for 6 standard DIN trays, arranged on a rack with 3 shelves.

Download Brochure: P-84 Washer Disinfector



The available racks are:

  • 6 DIN rack (3 shelves)
  • 4 DIN rack (2shelves)
  • Clogs rack (10 pairs)
  • Trolley with quick coupling connector (multipurpose anaesthesia – mic)