Data Collection: The DAQ® Central Monitoring System

The DAQ® allows you to manage your monitoring data in four ways: Gather, Analyze, Report, and Display.

ChemDAQ’s DAQ Central Monitoring System is an easy to use management platform for all your toxic gases. Capable of simultaneously tracking exposure data from up to 32 Steri-Trac® Area Monitors with a user-friendly touch screen interface. The DAQ utilizes ChemDAQ “GARD” Technology to Gather, Analyze, Report and Display data in real time. This robust system is full of adaptable features such as continuous communication with up to 32 area monitors, analysis of OSHA time weight averages and other regulatory limits, and automatic data storage and backup to meet OSHA’s 30-year record keeping requirements.




  • Continuous communication with up to 32 area monitors.
  • Diagnostic features to report errors from each monitor.
  • Upload gas concentration % LEL and alarm data from each area monitor in real time.
  • Automatic data storage and backup meets OSHA 30 year record keeping requirements.


  • OSHA time weighted averages; Permissible Exposure Limit – PEL; Excursion Limit – EL; or Short Term Exposure Limit – STEL; Action Level – AL (if applicable)
  • Other capabilities include: % LEL; EtO emissions track <1ppmv and 24-hour daily average per EPA NESHAP
  • For oxygen depletion, calculate and track % concentration from each area monitor.


  • Generate reports to analyze historical data. Reporting options include:
  • Instantaneous concentration, alarms, time weighted averages
  • User defined windows in time
  • Graphic features for trend analysis


  • Color coded graphical display shows the status of each area.
  • The DAQ displays each area’s current gas concentration, any acute alarms from the area monitor, current OSHA time weighted averages and any time weighted average alerts.
  • Emissions Monitoring displays instantaneous concentration, 24 hour daily average, elapsed time average and alarm status.
  • Impending alerts to warn of trends and enable proactive response.
  • A Remote Video Display enables viewing of same DAQ screen in multiple work areas.