endoscope trolley

Endoscope and Probe Transport & Storage

Soluscope Trolley & Rack solution is designed to optimize the endoscope circulation between examination and reprocessing rooms.

Soluscope Trolley: compact transport for 4 endoscopes

This ergonomic trolley is adapted to small spaces while receiving up to 4 endoscopes. It includes three accessories that you can use according to your needs. Handy and easy to use, the trolley is remarkable with its original and modern design.

Soluscope Rack: storage support for 10 endoscopes

The Soluscope Rack can store up to 10 trays. It temporarily stores clean endoscopes or specific endoscopes not frequently used. Having small footprint and allowing easy handling of trays, the rack can also receive dirty endoscopes after exams while waiting for reprocessing. It is the ideal companion for all Soluscope AERs and cabinet portfolio to expend your storage capacity.

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