Endoscopic Sponges – Safe-Soak

Safe-Soak Endo Sponge™ are specifically fabricated for use with all endoscopes. Unlike other coloured sponges, our sponges are near WHITE as they will better evidence the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Dark colours easily hide the contaminants, where with a WHITE sponge you can visually evaluate the pre-clean efficacy.

Product Selection

 17-100   Tubular Sponge / White dispenser box  25 Units/Box – 4 Boxes/Case
 17-101   Tubular / Bulk 560 Units/Case
 17-200   Flat Sponge / White dispenser box 50 Units/Box – 4 Boxes/Case
 17-201   Flat / Bulk 1000 units/Case

BMM15 – Brochure Endoscopic Sponges_07 13 2016