ENT / Nasendoscope storage cabinet

Correct Storage for ENT scopes – Scopes should never be stored in their delivery cases (they were designed for transportation only and not with long term storage in mind) as the internal packaging is an ideal environment for micro organisms to thrive in, resulting in a higher risk of cross contamination.


ENT scopes should be stored in a supported and extended vertical position; this reduces the fatigue on the components & limits damage.

Scopes stored in a coiled position puts unnecessary continual stress on the individual components (insertion tube, handle, tip & socket). With the high cost of replacing scopes, correct storage maximises its life.

Neocare ENT Storage cabinets are specifically designed to negate any stress on the scope during storage between usages, whilst also reducing the potential of transmission of infection or cross contamination. This is not only beneficial for patients but also medical staff. Neocare storage cabinets have been ergonomically designed allowing for each probe to be separated with each individual component being supported. The build quality ;& materials allows for quick and easy decontamination which gives peace of mind that the probes/scopes are being stored in the correct manor in a clean environment with the minimum of fuss.

All Neocare probe/scope storage cabinets come with a key operated 3 point locking system for added security. With correct usage the Neocare cabinets have been designed to last indefinitely. There is no requirement for maintenance or service contracts.