Flat Pouches GREENFIT 2

A special green plastic film with optimal peelabilty sealed to a medical grade paper with high anti-bacterial barrier features are the main components of our flat pouches GREENFIT 2.

Having an open side for the introduction of medical devices intended to be sterilized, they are the fastest and the most adaptable solution for packaging.

The pouches are provided with “thumb notch” on the edges that allows an easy opening; in addition they have a multi-line seal, with reinforcements near the corners and without overlapping points, that gives excellent resistance in the autoclave and contributes to the optimal peelability.

Brochure Greenfit



The flat pouches GREENFIT 2 are compatible with sterilization methods most used in healthcare market: steam and Ethylene Oxide and respective chemical indicators are printed on products. The chemical indicators, the variable data (lot number and size) and the opening direction symbol are printed on paper web and visible from plastic film web, so that all the data are visible from the same side of the packaging.