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Foetal Monitoring – Abdominal Transducer Belts

Designed for ease of use for clinicians and comfort for patients, these Transducer Belts have easy lock/unlock button holes, placed at intervals to obtain the most comfortable and safely secured CTG monitor position.

  • 4009043C – Disposable Abdominal Transducer Belt,2 Pack – 1 x Pink, 1 x Blue, with 2 Buttons
    100 Belts and 100 Buttons /
    50 Packaged Pairs
  • 4001531C – Disposable Abdominal Transducer Belt on a roll
    52mm x 15m Black
    4009543C – Reusable Abdominal Transducer Belt,
    2 Pack Black
    200 Belts / Box 100 Pairs
  • 4004877C – Disposable Abdominal Transducer Buttons 100 Buttons / Box

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