Gandus Heat Sealer

Fully validatable rotary medical sealer, with sealing parameters control and integrated printer with two lines of print.

The perfect combination of all requirements of a modern sterilisation department, with control of all the machine functions and traceability of all the sealing parameters.

An integrated printer system which can print either 1 or 2 lines, 2 serial ports which can be used to interface with exterior systems and export functioning data of the sealing parameters.

It has a sealing speed of 10 mt/min which is ideal for heavy productions demands.

Fully validatable to the EN ISO 11607-2 standards


  • PS 70 front support tray
  • RL 79 roller support tray
  • PR H50 roll holder complete with cutting device
  • PRN 2000 labels printer

Gandus Sealer Range