Lumenia SixFlow LSF1

Challenge Kit designed for monitoring the effectiveness of cleaning performance of flexible endoscopes in 6-channels Automatic Endoscope Reprocessors.

Applicable Regulation Designed under Quality Management System standard ISO 13485:2016/NS-EN ISO 13485:2016. ISO 15883-4:2018, ISO/TS 15883-5:2005

Characteristics Challenge Device Chemdye® Lumenia SixFlow LSF1 Test Kit consists of a challenge device (Chemdye® Lumenia SixFlow CCDER61) and cleaning indicators (Chemdye® Lumenia CDWE) for monitoring cleaning performance in Automated Endoscope Reprocessors. The challenge device consists of three polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tubes with an inner diameter of 1 mm, two PTFE tubes with an inner diameter of 2 mm, and a PTFE tube with an inner diameter of 4 mm, all of them 1.5 m long. Each tube has special connectors in one of its ends for plugging it to the Endoscope Reprocessor and a device in the other end that simulates an endoscope´s lumen and where the Chemdye® Lumenia CDWE cleaning indicators are placed (one in the inner cavity of the device and the other one in an external slot). Each of the six devices have different colors that match the channels’ diameters to be monitored, and are in line with the color scheme that every Reprocessor Machine has in its output terminals. The end of each PTFE tube opposite to that one connected to the device is identified with a colored mark, allowing a fast recognition of the output terminal to which it will be connected. The tubes are joined and protected through a hose that covers them entirely.

Compatible with Trazanto.

Product Description – Lumenia SixFlow LSF1