Meiko Topic Bedpan Washer-Disinfector Range

State-of-the-art performance and hygiene

The MEIKO TOPIC is setting new standards in flawless, economical cleaning and disinfection for care facilities – and offers the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness for care utensils. Depending on what is needed in the space, the MEIKO TOPIC is available floor mounted or with ground clearance to mount on the wall. We can even provide it as a fully equipped combined care unit, containing everything you may need. TOPIC stand-alone devices are specially designed to quickly and easily replace out-of-date technology. They are modified to fit into the position of the old appliance, whatever the make of the original – and to use the same connections.

Download Brochure: Brochure_TOPIC



  • The perfect choice for planners on a tight budget. This compact solution from MEIKO may look small, but it packs a big punch when it comes to hygiene
  • Perfect for nursing homes and age care facilities
  • Quick and easy installation – ideal for refurbishment and renovation projects
  • Compact and versatile – can also be used to clean washbowls and children’s toys

As the report from the independent hygiene institute HYGCEN Germany GmbH confirms, MEIKO cleaning and disinfection machines is highly effective in freeing care utensils from bacteria and particular types of clostridium difficile spores.