Meiko TopLine Bedpan Washer-Disinfector Range

High-performance technology for better hygiene in the care sector!

MEIKO’s TopLine range is available in a wealth of different designs and configurations. From individual floor standing and wall-mounted appliances, to units designed to be incorporated in patients’ bathrooms, and from practical appliances installed under work surfaces to compact combined care units.  TopLine offers versatile options for every type of dirty utility room. So you can be sure of getting a tailor-made solution that meets your needs. You can find more information on the available options on our latest MEIKO TopLine product range brochure.  Contact Trinity Medical today and we will be more than happy to help you find the clean solution that meets the specific hygiene standards required in your work environment.

Download Brochure: Brochure_TopLine_in_Detail


Occupational safety and health is paramount in the care sector

Bodily fluids carry high levels of infectious substances, so disposing of them also requires advanced level care and attention and the highest safety standards. The bedpan washers in the TopLine range by MEIKO guarantee high-performance technology, which works reliably, giving staff more time to focus on patient care.

Innovative solutions for uncompromising hygiene

MEIKO technology for care sector workspace and patient rooms has been setting standards in hygiene, safety, ergonomics, and occupational safety and health for 90 years. Our standards should be yours too.

TopLine – Quality down to the details

Slop sinks are crucial in the safe and hygienic disposal of clinical waste in hospitals and aged care facilities. MEIKO slop sinks are made with no rim, giving germs that like the damp nowhere to hide. A pair of jet nozzles create a spiral film of water, the best way to wash away impurities. That even makes the slop sink “self-cleaning”. If the slop sink is not used for longer periods of time, there is an option to integrate a timer to flush from the edge once a day as recommended for water sources by the Association of German Engineers (VDI).

Outstanding effectiveness against clostridium difficile

As the report from the independent hygiene institute HYGCEN Germany GmbH confirms, MEIKO cleaning and disinfection machines is highly effective in freeing care utensils from bacteria and particular types of clostridium difficile spores.