Neqis Independent Monitoring Systems

neQis offers an unrivaled service in Independent Data Integrity Solutions.
With over 35 years experience in independent monitoring systems, neQis are dedicated in ensuring that our customers have the correct solution for their application, and are backed with a long term commitment to support.
neQis removes all barriers and understanding the whole application is our strength.  Having the ability of displaying Washer and Sterilizer details on a PC display is now becoming more acceptable, but presenting this information in a simplified manner is important for the user.



Working directly with the hospitals and machine manufactures neQis have developed several formats of displaying information, in text and graphical pictures.  Where product release is required is also important that these details are capable of being interfaced with Tracking and Trace systems.

Improving patient and user safety with neqis Independent Product Release

neQis IPR is a viewing package that allows an array of machine types from different manufacturers, across multiple departments to view information in a standard format.  This simple yet informative software, was developed specifically to
ensure safe release of critical products across a wide spectrum of applications within the Sterile Services, Endoscopy, Laundry and pharmaceutical applications. IPR reduces the need for training, removes confusion, and improves productivity.

neQis IPR is hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform, offering security, peace of mind and data integrity through multiple redundancy. Using any modern web browser neQis IPR can be accessed with machine data displayed in several friendly formats. With an uptime rate of better than 99.8% and currently monitoring over 3500 cycles per day from 85+ sites, neQis IPR shows reliability by its performance.

Meets all HTM, CFPP Guidelines and Pharmaceutical 21CRF11 Staandards