ONE4ALL Pouch Packaging Station

Packaging Process Validation

ONE4ALL is a complete Pouch Packaging Station designed to gather together in one unique element all necessary devices for an easy and perfect Validated Packaging Process.


Interfaces ONE4ALL offers both electrical and Ethernet connections.


The Ethernet interface allows communication with dedicated softwares for a total traceability of all required data.


Designed for a perfect use and storage of all required packagings: pouches, big pouches, reels. Ideal for BOPP, Tyvek®, SMS, plastics, header bags.

HI – Human Interface

Buttons to electrically adjust the height according to operator’s height. A unique electric panel allows an easy connection of all equipments.

Room Saving

Compact block 2 x 2mts, designed for a use of all 4 devices, offering an expansive workspace. No area limits, it can be placed anywhere as it moves on wheels.  Ideal for use in large volume, high-throughput CDUs.


Electrically height-adjustable.  No electric connection limitation as all equipment are connected centrally to a unique electric panel.

Cleaning and Disinfection

The use of both alluminium and stainless steel materials allows easy and effective cleaning and disinfection.

Energy Saving

Gandus products are designed and manufactured to enable process optimization, complete with energy saving efficiencies.

One4All Brochure: one4all