ParaSure InstaClean Pre-Clean Kit

In the reprocessing of endoscopes, it is imperative that any soil or debris remaining either on or in the channels of the endoscope is not allowed to dry as this will become extremely difficult to remove. It is therefore now a general recommendation in numerous national and international guidelines that endoscopes are wiped down and flushed at the point of use before being transported for reprocessing.

The ParaSure InstaClean offers a single use, cost effective solution to this requirement, with an integrated contoured sponge and 200ml of ready-mixed neutral solution. InstaClean is a simple two-step process supplied in a single container.

  • Integrated neutral solution and contoured sponge
  • For use at bedside, post-procedure
  • Single use – no reusing of soiled detergents
  • Prevents drying of soils, coagulation
  • Cost effective
  • Non-toxic

Product code: PS2300

Supplied in boxes of 50

PS2300 Brochure InstaClean Endo