PRO1 Quantitative Protein Test

High sensitivity pen system for the detection and quantification of surface proteins and allergens.

Designed to detect and quantify proteins, allergens and reducing agents with high sensitivity on surfaces and difficult-to-access areas after the cleaning process.

The system has a high absorption swab which allows the collection of samples on different types of surfaces with the same efficiency, as well as a reaction solution.

  • Pen diameter: 12,4 mm; Pen length: 163,6 mm; Swab length: 107,2 mm.
  • Detection limit: 1 μg.
  • Sensitivity: 0.3 μg.
  • Qualitative analysis: When comparing the color obtained in the solution of the pencil with the reference table, a visual estimation of surface cleaning can be made.
  • Quantitative analysis: Using the Bionova® MiniPRO auto-reader incubators.


  • Box with 100 pencils + 1 swab moisturizer.
  • Incubator, each per box.

Chemdye Pen Brochure