Reusable Precision Brush

An ideal brush for the quick removal of difficult debris, the Batrik Reusable Precision Brush can also easily clean deep into instrument jaws. Although the firm and durable bristles feel like stainless steel, there is absolutely no risk of instrument damage or personal injury.

  • Polyamide (TYNEX®) bristles
  • Bristles have extra firm density and durability
  • Steamable thermoplastic handle
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Steam/chemical sterilisable
  • Latex Free

Product Specifications

  • Handle Length / Diameter: 120 mm / 12 mm
  • Brush Length / Width / Thickness: 40 mm / 12 mm / 8 mm

BMM33 – Brochure Precision Brush_02 14 2017

  • Total Length: 160 mm

Product Selection

 50-40800  Reusable Precision External Cleaning Brush  Bag of 3

 Full Batrik Brochure PDF