Soluscope EasyTag

A clear perspective suitable for your organization

The Soluscope EasyTag labels are made of 2 self-adhesive green and red stickers allowing you to quickly see if your endoscope is ready to be used or if it has to be reprocessed. Intuitive, they are easily and transparently integrated into the daily organization of all endoscopy units.

Optimizing the flow of endoscopes

Large in size and easy to remove, Soluscope EasyTag improves the visible state of your endoscopes allowing better efficiency in managing your daily endoscope flow.

Enhanced security

Wherever your endoscope is, Soluscope EasyTag indicates if your endoscope is ready to use, avoiding errors and keeping patients safe. The apparent status of the endoscope makes it possible to protect the user from all risks of contamination.

Brochure: Leaflet-Transport