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Sony Ultrasound Films

Sony ultrasound paper provides exceptional image detail and excellent resolution and longevity of the printed image. The UPP-110 series offers the following advanced features: high water resistance, head-matching performance, grey-scale reproduction, anti-electrostatic layer, minimal curling, high humidity and heat resistance, superior print quality and excellent tearing properties.

Print Media Features

  • Black & White Media

  • Accurate Greyscale Reproduction
  • Built In Anti-Electrostatic Layer
  • Optimized Thermal Head Life
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • Colour Media

  • Reliable Feeding and Continuous Printing
  • Optimal Curling
  • Built In Anti-Electrostatic Layer
  • Maximized Quality and Longevity
Item # Sony # Description Printer Models
2021977C UPP110HA High-Density Black & White Media • UP-880 • UP-890MD
2019086C UPP110HD High-Density Black & White Media • UP-890MD • UP-895MD
• UP-D895
0098226C UPP110HG High-Glossy Black & White Media • UP-895MD • UP-D895
2019085C UPP110S Standard Black & White Media • UP-890MD • UP-895MD
• UP-D895 • UP-897MD
• UP-D897
2026053C UPP210HD High-Density Black & White Media • UP-910 • UP-930
• UP-960 • UP-980
31422960 UPP210SE Standard Black & White Media • UP-910 • UP-930
• UP-960 • UP-980
0104937C UPP725 8 x 10 Print Paper • UP-D72XR
2026054C UPT210BL Blue Thermal Transparency Film • UP-980
0106885C UPT735BL 8×10 Blue Transparency Film • UP-D71XR
0104325C UPC21L A6 Color Print Pack • UP-21MD • UP-21MD
• UPD23MD • UP20
0106244C UPC21S A6 Color Print Pack • UP-21MD • UP-D21MD
32017150 UPC55 A5 Color Print Pack • UP-D55 • UP-D55MD
4000588C UPCR80MD A4 Color Print Pack

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