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Sterifit ‘STERINW’ – Pouch with Non Woven Backing

Our special line of pouches STERINW is designed with a porous layer in non woven material, full compatible with sterilization, that provides an effective microbial barrier, great flexibility and strength. This type of material represents one of the best alternatives to the standard crepe paper for medical use.

The pouches are available in different sizes in order to satisfy all user’s needs and they are particularly suitable for packaging of bulky trays, cloths or other application where drapes are used.


  • The pouches are provided with “thumb notch” on the edges that allows an easy opening; in addition they have a multi-line seal, with reinforcements near the corners and without overlapping points, that gives excellent resistance in the autoclave and contributes to the optimal peelability.The pouches STERINW are compatible with sterilization methods most used in healthcare market: steam and Ethylene Oxide, and respective chemical indicators are printed on products.Another important feature of pouches STERINW is the INTRAFILM chemical indicators: it means that indicators are printed between the two layers of film. This choice represents an additional security for users because it prevents the contact between inks and the medical devices contained in pouches. The INTRAFILM method allows also to control the indicator directly though the transparent side, on which the variable data (lot number and size) and the opening direction symbol are also printed, so that all the data are visible from the same side of the packaging.