Surgiglide Instrument Lubrication

Surgiglide is a family of highly refined pharmaceutical grade lubricants that are suitable for use in the medical sector (CSSD), industrial processing and pharmaceutical applications.

The product is designed for use within the medical sector for lubricating surgical instruments, food processing and pharmaceutical industries where incidental food contact may occur, as well as non- food grade applications.

Surgiglide products quickly and safely to free parts, loosen nuts and aid in the disassembly of mechanical components.

Surgiglide will prevent spotting, staining and freezing up of joints and hinges of medical devices. Surgiglide products are stable over a wide temperature range up to 200 C.

Three versions are currently available:

  • Surgiglide – a general use product available in dropper or spray form
  • Surgiglide C – a concentrate version for use in washer/disinfectors
  • Surgiglide Spray – a aerosol spray applications

Brochure: Surgiglide


All products meet:
– European Pharmacopoeia (latest edition)
– US Food & Drugs Administration requirements for their intended use (USP FDA 178.3620(a) and FDA 172.878 Mineral Oil Specifications.

Surgiglide Products also conform to Commission Directive 2002/72/EC for Plastic materials in contact with Foodstuffs.

Surgiglide products are classified as Class I medical devices under Council Directive 2007/47/EC