TempTraq® Continuous Real-Time Body Temperature Monitoring System

What is TempTraq?

TempTraq is an FDA Cleared Class II medical device that gives Healthcare providers the first wireless continuous temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable, disposable patch. TempTraq can significantly improve the way temperature is measured in the clinical environment and provide clinicians a quicker, easier, and more effective way to measure temperature.

Accuracy and equivalency in three hospital studies

  • Cleveland Clinic
  • University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Earlier fever detection

In a clinical study conducted by University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, TempTraq was shown to detect temperature rise earlier than the Standard of Care by a median of 140.1 minutes (range of 30-180 minutes) with bone marrow transplant patients.2

Brochure: TempTraq by Vermed brochure


Earlier Fever Detection

Early detection of fever and prompt use of broad-spectrum
antibiotics is crucial in neutropenic patients:

  • 78% of patients who received an allogeneic HSCT had
    bacteraemia during the first episode of fever.4
  • An hour delay in antibiotic administration resulted in an
    approximately eight hour increase in length of hospital stay
    among patients with febrile neutropenia.5

Remote Patient Monitoring

Hospitals seeking to improve patient care, reduce readmissions, optimize reimbursements and gain competitive advantage, are rapidly embracing new technologies that enable remote patient monitoring.

TempTraq provides a proven, reliable system to remotely
monitor patients for fever spikes, a key symptom of infection.
It also allows for self-monitoring through a smartphone app.

Infection Control

Septicemia is the costliest condition treated by U.S. hospitals,
accounting for $20.3 billion, or 5.2%, of all hospital costs.6

Severe sepsis accounts for an estimated 40% of all ICU
expenditures.7 In addition, sepsis cases present:

  • Average length of stay of 19.6 days8
  • Average cost per case of $22,1008
  • Overall hospital mortality rate of 28%8
  • ICU treatment cost of 6X more than non-sepsis patients9

It is crucial to recognize neutropenic fever early and to commence broad spectrum empiric antibiotics promptly in order to avoid sepsis syndrome and possible death.

Remote Monitoring for patients means fewer office and emergency room visits, fewer and reduced duration of hospitalizations, reduced patient travel time and expense, and increased access (for the elderly, the physically challenged, the homebound, and especially for rural patients).
“Each hour of delay in antimicrobial administration over the ensuing 6 hours was associated with an average decrease in survival of 7.6%.”

The TempTraq system fits seamlessly into existing nurse workflow, increasing productivity by automatically capturing and entering temperature data into the EHR.

TempTraq patch monitors a patient’s temperature in real time and wirelessly uploads data to our HIPAA-compliant cloud server. Data from the secure server can be integrated via HL-7 standards with Electronic Health Records, central nurse workstations, patient bedside monitors and mobile devices to provide clinicians with temperature data visualization and mapping of data to the desired patient record fields.

The system is scalable and can support a single hospital or a multi-hospital/physician group healthcare system.

axotrack diagram

FDA ClearedClass II medical device

Operating Life72 hours; disposable/single use

Accuracy RatingConforms with ASTM E1112-00 (2011) +/- 0.1°C or +/- 0.2°F

WirelessBluetooth low energy

PowerEco-friendly, 2 – 1.5-volt carbon zinc batteries

SafeFor all ages and all skin types

Temperature displayFahrenheit or Celsius

AlertsAudible and/or visual notifications of rising temperature via applications


Once activated, TempTraq continuously monitors axillary temperature for up to 72 hours per patch, and issues alerts when temperature rises.


Clinically tested to be in alignment with core body temperatures.


Data transmits via Bluetooth, allowing patient freedom of movement.


TempTraq applies easily to patient with a gentle adhesive.

Remote Monitoring

Patients can be remotely monitored with via TempTraq Connect’s secure, HIPAA compliant cloud service.

Fully Integrated

The TempTraq system can be integrated with existing EHR’s and monitoring systems, a deeper data set than the existing Standard of Care.


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