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Welcome to Trinity Medical’s comprehensive collection of downloadable brochures and catalogues, where innovation meets accessibility in the medical and scientific industries.

Since our inception in 2017, Trinity Medical has been at the forefront of supplying cutting-edge technology tailored to Decontamination, Infection Control & Prevention, OR, and Patient Monitoring sectors. Our commitment goes beyond mere provision; we endeavour to redefine clinical pathways and elevate patient outcomes through innovative solutions. From instrument baskets to CSSD furniture, logistics to storage, each brochure encapsulates our dedication to pioneering advancements that shape the future of healthcare.

At Trinity Medical, we don’t just supply – we partner with healthcare professionals and industry leaders, fostering enduring relationships to drive success in patient care.

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Syschem Surgical - Instruments & Retractors

Download a copy of our Sychem Surgical product brochure or contact Trinity Medical for more information. General Surgery | Oral & Maxillofacial | Neuro & Spine Surgery | Cardiothoracic | Plastic Surgery | Otolaryngology (ENT) | Gynaecology & Obstetrics | Urology | Proctology | Chiropody | Orthopaedic

Batrik Medical – 2024 Catalogue

Featuring a wide range of products for SSD, Endoscopy and OR, including Instrument Protection, Foam Basket Corner Protection, Cleaning Brushes, Anti-fatigue Mats, Set Identification Labels (Loaner, Repair, Broken, etc.), Anti-fog solution, Silicon Pin Mats, and much more.

Trinity Medical’s Product Brochure

The latest edition of our product brochure is now available

Body Products Catalogue

Our Body Products catalogue contains a comprehensive range of accessories for Endoscopy.

Hupfer’s Product Catalogue

Hupfer’s complete brochure on CSSD accessories. Instrument Baskets, Packing Tables, CSSD Furniture, Logistics, Storage

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Leadingedge solutions for Sterile Services, Endoscopy, Radiography and WardLevel Infection Control.

Sterility Assurance Solutions for the Scientific Industries.

Elevating care and empowering precision in the most critical areas of patient care.

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