Trinity Medical to Sponsor IDI Study Day – May 26th

Trinity Medical is delighted to be sponsoring the Irish Decontamination Institute’s 2nd study day of 2018.  The title for this event is “Biofilm accumulation on medical devices (Endoscopes & Surgical Instruments) – How to Detect, Prevent and Treat”.  This study day is being run in partnership with DIT School of Biological Science, and guest speakers on the day include Dr Celine Herra of DIT and Dr Thomas Vanzieleghem head of R&D at OneLife Belguim.   OneLife develops advanced enzymatic solutions for medical device cleaning, and is an industry leading innovator in the field of detection of residual contamination and biofilms on surgical instruments and endoscopes.

Registration details are available at

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

Trinity Medical IDI Study Day – Flyer


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